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Selling Honey in MissouriMissouri

Honey, maple syrup and/or sorghum processors may sell to retail stores when they are inspected and found to comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations. The DHSS Manufactured Food Program will inspect these processors. Missouri food processors are not issued permits but they must be able to prove compliance with all applicable regulations. This may include local zoning and business licensing regulations.

The basics of the law

TITLE XVII )Chapter 261 Department of Agriculture

Section 261.241 Sellers of honey, no manufacturing facilities required, when--exempt from health standards and regulations, when--label requirements.
Universal Citation: MO Rev Stat § 261.241 (2015)
261.241. 1. Sellers of honey whose annual sales of honey are fifty thousand dollars or less per domicile shall not be required to construct or maintain separate facilities for the bottling of honey. Such sellers shall be exempt from all remaining health standards and regulations for the bottling of honey pursuant to sections 196.190 to 196.271 if they meet the following requirements:

  • (1) Honey shall be bottled in the domicile of the person harvesting and selling the honey;
  • (2) Honey shall be labeled with the following information in legible English as set forth in subsection 2 of this section;
  • (3) Annual gross sales shall not exceed fifty thousand dollars. The person harvesting such honey shall maintain a record of sales of honey bottled and sold. The record shall be available to the regulatory authority when requested.
  • 2. The honey shall be labeled with the following information:
    (1) Name and address of the persons preparing the food;
    (2) Common name of the food; and
    (3) The name of all ingredients in the food.
    (4) In addition to the usual food labeling requirements for cottage food operations (See above and see this page) It is recommended that honey manufacturers/processors include this additional statement to their product label: “Honey is not recommended for infants less than twelve (12) months of age”.
  •  SB 500 was the law that brough about the changes to help small producer-sellers of honey.