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Selling Honey in South Dakota

According to the SD Dept. of Agriculture, there are about 216 South Dakotans keeping bees. There are about 90 commercial apiaries in South Dakota and another 125 or so hobbyist beekeepers. That may not sound like a lot but South Dakota is in the top five states for number of hives (colonies) and typically produces a mild flavored and light colored alfalfa- sweet clover blend of honey.

Honey is subject to the normal retail food laws. Unfortunately, it is not subject to the less-strict home-processed food rules.

State law requires that all apiaries, including hobbyists, be registered with the Department of Agriculture by February 1st of each year or within 10 days of coming into possession of an apiary. The state has established a 3-mile distance between apiaries. This lessens the contact of bees and helps prevent the transfer of disease.

South Dakota Honey Contact Information

South Dakota Department of Agriculture Division of Agricultural Services
Phone: 605-773-3796
Fax: 605-773-3481