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Tualang Honey s a Malaysian multifloral jungle honey; meaning it is only produced by the rock bee (Apis dorsata), which builds hives on branches of tall Tualang trees which are located primarily in the north-western region of the Malaysian penninsula.   It has one of the lowest glycemic index in honey, despite its savoury sweet taste. Eating it does not spike your blood sugar levels as much as other honey. It has half the GI of table sugar and even lower than white bread, making it the perfect, super healthy alternative for table sugar and can be easily incorporated into any diet or recipe.  But it's biggest strength is it's antimicrobial properties, said to be even better than Manuka honeyHere are the facts about Tualang honey's health benefits.


Tualang honey is said to contain 11 powerhouse phenolics and flavonoids plus other beneficial enzymes that promotes anti-aging and longevity of your organs. It is so potent that 1 teaspoon of Tualang honey is equivalent to 1 tablespoon of regular raw honey. Studies show that Tualang honey has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimutagenic, antitumor, and antidiabetic properties, in addition to wound-healing attributes. Some of its properties are similar to Manuka honey (a New Zealand and/or Australian monofloral honey).

Comparison with Manuka Honey

Tualang honey is claimed to contains more nutrients and minerals than Manuka Honey. Tualang Honey contains the highest amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in honey. Compared with Manuka honey, Tualang honey has higher phenolics, flavonoids, and 5-(hydroxymethyl) furfural (HMF). It improves cardiovascular health, stimulates fast wound healing, reduces scarring and is extremely effective against persistent coughs and sore throats or other viral-borne diseases.  Tualang honey is also more effective against some gram-negative bacterial strains in burn wounds than Manuka honey.

Choosing a Tualang Honey

Not all Tualang honeys are the same. Look for a UMF rating of at least 10, that's the minimum for a theraputic effect.. Superior high grade levels have a 16 or higher UMF rating.


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