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July 2024

If you are looking for local honey, there are more options than ever before. This website helps you to find the type of honey you're seeking, in your own local area; whether raw or boiled, filtered or unfiltered, in the comb or extracted; as long as it is fresh and locally produced. You can find honey producers that produce local, organically, offer a sustainable agriculture or the type of honey you want.

Our listings come from a variety of sources: state agriculture departments, consumers writing in to recommend a apiary, and the farmer's themselves. We update and add listings every day. Since this website just went live, we're adding listings at a ferocious pace! Of course, we're always looking for more apiaries and beekeepers to add, so we welcome your recommendations! ! Customers (NOT apiary owners) can recommend a apiary here and fapiary owners can add (or update/correct) their own apiary's listing by clicking here!

Our sister website, has crop calendars for each local area to tell you what is available to pick throughout the year and really easy illustrated directions to show you how to make jam, jelly, salsa, pickles, spaghetti sauce, applesauce, apple butter and 150 other recipes with step by step step directions to can, freeze, dry or preserve the harvest.

How to find a good, real local honey producer

It's quite simple! Start by clicking the "Start here" button (at the top of every page or on the left menu). You then select your local area (country, state/province) and then region/county or local metropolitan area. Just scroll down the page that appears, to see honey producers listed by county.

Items of special interest, such as organic, special events are highlighted in colors to make them stand out.

The search engine (see the button at the top of each page) can be helpful, too.

Note: we don't consider resellers who do not produce honey to be a local honey source, unless that reseller is the only venue by which a beekeeper sells his or her honey.

Want to recommend a honey source to add?

We're always looking for more apiaries and beekeepers to add. As long as they produce honey they produce, we welcome them. Listings are free!

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How to find a local honey producer

There is a "Start here" button (at the top of the left of every page). You then select your local area (country, state/province) and then region/county or local metropolitan area. Just scroll down the page that appears, to see tree farms, lots or events listed by county. The search engine can be helpful, too.

Click on your state or country below to find hives and local honey your area!

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According to the National Honey Board, the top honey producing states are:

State Pounds Produced
North Dakota 37,830,000
Montana 12,243,000
South Dakota 19,880,000
Florida 11,880,000
California 10,750,000
Texas 7,400
Minnesota 7,200
Michigan 4,000
Louisanna 3,700
Idaho 3,000
Washington 3,300

Honey Outside the U.S.

[ Australia ] [ Canada ] [ Germany ] [Ireland] [Italy] [Japan] [Malta] [Nederland / Holland / the Netherlands] [ South Africa ] [ New Zealand ] [Philippines ] [Switzerland ] [ United Kingdom ] [ Adding a Farm outside of North America ] Looking for pick your own farms in other countries? Living in another country, such as France, Italy (Italia), Germany (Deutschland), Nederlands, or Sweden? Help me compile a list for your country - just write me!

More about honey and bees

Honey is a by-product of flower nectar and the upper aero-digestive tract of the honey bee, which is concentrated through a dehydration process inside the bee hive. Honey has a very complex chemical composition that varies depending on the botanical source. It has been used both as food and medicine since ancient times. Human use of honey is traced to some 8000 years ago as depicted by Stone Age paintings

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Our listings come from a variety of sources: consumers writing in to recommend a farm, the farmer's themselves and state agriculture departments. We update and add listings every day. Of course, we're always looking for more to add, so we welcome your recommendations! Customers can recommend a farm here and farmers can add (or update/correct) their own farm's listing by clicking here! And journalists looking for information for a story about pick-your-own farms or home canning should see this media resources page for more information.

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